Artforgreenwish.com first opened on September 27th with an art fundraiser featuring artwork inspired by Once Upon a Time. The fundraiser ran for 3 days and raised $1,364 for Green Wish. The contributing artists for that fundraiser were Lisa Colver, Sarah Kershner, Sharon Alvis, Sarah Mac, Dailen Ogden, Adam Osborne, Stacy Barrington, Brianne Hartshorn, and Raquel Albano.

Our next fundraiser, the Eco-friendly Holiday Gift Shop, will run from November 1st through December 15th. It will feature a variety of eco-friendly holiday gifts such as cards on 100% recycled paper, hand-made cards, hand-sewn ornaments made with 100% recycled eco-felt, re-usable grocery bags and water bottles, address labels on 100% recycled material and more.

100% of your purchase money goes directly to Green Wish. All printing costs and shipping costs are paid out of pocket by the participating artists.

Site Administrator – Lisa Colver

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